Boeing’s CST-100 on Schedule to #LaunchAmerica

The future of human spaceflight is looking bright as NASA and its industry partners progress towards the launch of America’s first crewed vehicle since the retirement of the Space Shuttle. Program leadership discussed development highlights and upcoming milestones at a NASA news briefing earlier this week.

 “We're making great progress on the program we initiated last September.  The first two milestones were completed on schedule,” said John Elbon, Boeing vice president and general manager, Space Exploration. 


Destination dwarf planet: @NASA_Dawn slips into #Ceres orbit March 6. Watch & learn more: [video] - @NASA

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Astronaut twins will be separated March 27, 1 on @Space_Station, 1 on Earth: [video] #ISS1Year - @NASA

Look back at Project Gemini, which pioneered technology for today's exploration: @NASAHistory - @NASA

Our @NASA_Dawn spacecraft nears historic March 6 arrival at dwarf planet #Ceres. Details: - @NASA

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