Happy Birthday NACA! NASA’s parent celebrates 100 years

Before there were spaceships and NASA, there were daring young pilots and the flying machines of NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, later to become NASA.

NACA was created by the US Congress on March 3, 1915 to oversee the new aeronautics industry. Even though the Wright brothers had flown the first powered airplane in 1903, Americans in 1915 were more interested in the Model T automobile than in the novel invention called the “aeroplane.” World events would soon change all that.

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The @NASA_MMS mission is cleared to proceed towards launch next week: - @NASA

Today at 2pm ET: Listen to a briefing about the 1st orbiting of a dwarf planet by @NASA_Dawn: - @NASA

Ceres' gravity captured @NASA_Dawn at about 7:39am ET this morning. Learn about #Ceres: - @NASA

.@NASA_Dawn is in orbit at #Ceres—1st spacecraft arrival at a dwarf planet - @NASA

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