NASA Day Sparks Rocket Fever in Young and Old

NASA Day on the Square in Huntsville, Al., drew hundreds of space exploration fans Saturday to see exhibits and demonstrations of the latest endeavors to reach beyond Earth’s orbit. The annual event celebrates NASA Marshall Space Flight Center’s  50+ years building space exploration capabilities.

Kids and adults flocked to the Boeing exhibit to don astronaut boots and pose on ‘Martian’ soil. Boeing employees building the core stages and avionics for America’s new heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System, hosted the “Journey to Mars” exhibit, along with SLS college interns and local Boeing International Space Station engineers.



Fireworks today? We predict stellar fireworks from rare encounter in 2018: #IndependenceDay - @NASA

Happy 4th of July! Fireworks go fast, but cosmic sparklers last a long time: #IndependenceDay - @NASA

Stars and stripes are on Mars - American flag medallion on our @MarsCuriosity rover: - @NASA

.@NASANewHorizons, on track for July 14 #PlutoFlyby, reveals Pluto & Charon in living color: - @NASA

What color is Pluto? @NASANewHorizons maps reveal it's reddish brown: July 14 is #PlutoFlyby - @NASA

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